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LeedsOmics seminar series 2023-2024



Date Time Venue Host Speaker Affiliation Title
Monday 20h Nov/2023 14:00 Worsley SR 9.57 and TEAMs Julie Aspden Christopher Watson  University of Leeds Initial use of the PromethION for the analysis of long-read human genomes and an update on the Next Generation Sequencing Facility”

Monday 11th Dec/2023

Cancelled (to be rescheduled)

14:00  Remote (TEAMs) Laura Dixon Nadia Kamal Helmholtz Munich “From plant (pan-)genomes to crop improvement”
Monday 26th Feb/2024 14:00 Hybrid Elton Vasconcelos  Douglas Stewart University of Leeds Using metagenomes from an organic-rich soil layer found beneath a chromium waste tip to infer metabolic potential that can be harnessed for site remediation
Monday 8th Apr/2024 14:00 Remote (TEAMs) Laura Dixon Nadia Kamal Helmholtz Munich From plant (pan-)genomes to crop improvement
Monday 22nd Apr/2024 14:00 Hybrid Elizabeth Duncan Jordi Solana Living Systems Institute - University of Exeter Using single-cell transcriptomics and planarians to study stem cells, regeneration and their evolution.