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Forthcoming seminars and clubs

  • Mondays at 2 pm - Leeds Omics
    Leeds Omics events/seminars/clubs are taking place on a hybrid format (in-person mostly @ Worsley building and through TEAMs live streaming). Our events are intended to be of interest to a wide audience. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive calendar invites. Please note that you must be already logged at with your university credentials in order to access the mailing list subscription system.

We look forward to seeing you at our events!



LeedsOmics Research Seminar

Speaker: Dr Jordi Solana (Living Systems Institute - University of Exeter). Title: Using single-cell transcriptomics and planarians to study stem...

LeedsOmics Coding Club

Topic: Dealing with Proteomics data

RiP Seminar

Speaker: Zarnaz Hadi (PhD candidate @ FMH - PIs: Mihaela Loger and David Westhead). Tile: TBC

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