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Research in Progress

Current Schedule (starting on Nov/2023)

Date Talk 1 Faculty PI Talk 2 Faculty PI
19th/Feb/2024 Eilidh Ward  FBS  Dr Julie Aspden Olga Almekina FMH Prof Niamh Forde
18th/Mar/2024 Beth Soanes FBS Prof Brendan Davies Tomasz Drobkiewicz FBS Dr Eric Hewitt
13th/May/2024 Zarnaz Hadi FMH Dr Mihaela Lorger Dr Brian Mantilla Chemistry -
10th/Jun/2024 Georgia Fakonti FMH Dr Karen Forbes TBC - -


About the Series

LeedsOmics Research in Progress (RiPs) is a seminar series run in conjunction with the LeedsOmics Research Community at the University of Leeds. It is specifically aimed at providing a platform for students, postdocs and research technicians to present their research. The talks cover a diverse range of fields, all of which have (or plan to have) some element of Omics within their research. The format of these seminars is for two speakers to give 20-25 minute talks about their ongoing research. Generally, the first speaker is someone in the first half of their project, e.g. a first- or second-year PhD student, research technician or postdoc. The second speaker is usually someone who has more data and in the latter stages of their project.

The Research in Progress Seminar series was set up with several aims in mind:

  1. To showcase current, ongoing research from students (both undergraduates and postgraduates), research technicians, postdocs and independent research fellows.
  2. To generate discussions and interactions between these different career stage communities, both within the University of Leeds and between universities across the UK.
  3. To provide an opportunity for students and researchers to practice talks in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  4. To provide an environment for early career researchers to ask questions, develop skills in chairing talks and create potential collaborations.

If you think that your research is within the Omics sphere, and would like to get experience giving a talk, please get in touch with either of the RiP's organisers: Jeni Sidwell at FBS ( or Zarnaz Hadi at FMH (


Jeni is a PhD student in the Simon Goodman lab. Her research focuses on ecological drivers of evolutionary adaptation in pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, and walruses). Her project uses comparative genomics to uncover candidate genes associated with pinniped lactation strategies and place it in the context of environmental change over time.




Zarnaz is a PhD student with an interest in molecular determinants of resistance to immunotherapy in melanoma brain metastases. Her research bases are at the Leeds Institute of Medical Research and Leeds Institute of Data Analytics.







We also strive to create an inclusive environment where all researchers are comfortable and welcome to present. For more information about why equality, diversity and inclusion in STEMM is important visit:

Past series

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