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RiP 1st series


Schedule (Jan-Apr/2019)

Date Room Speaker Faculty PI Title Internal/External Position
28th Jan Worsley 8.34a Isabel Birds FBS Julie Aspden & Mary O’Connell Dissecting the function and molecular evolution of lncRNAs Internal PhD
28th Jan Worsley 8.34a Rosamund Clifford FBS Ian Hope Proteomic approaches to investigate the role of the histone code in Caenorhabditis elegans Internal PhD
11th Feb Worsley 8.43X Fiona Whelan School of Life sciences (University of Nottingham) James McInerney Bench to bash: Establishing patterns of co-occurrence in prokaryotes External Postdoc
25th Feb Worsley 8.43X George Nikolopoulos FMH Mary O’Connell Evolutionary analysis and exome sequencing in Amelogenesis Imperfecta Internal PhD
25th Feb Worsley 8.43X Peter Mulhair FBS Mary O’Connell Gene remodelling in Metazoa: patterns of emergence and role in animal evolution Internal PhD
11th March Worsley 8.11A Tayah Hopes FBS Julie Aspden The structure and function of specialised ribosomes Internal Research Tech
11th March Worsley 8.11A James Murphy FBS Ade Whitehouse Does Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) induce virus specific specialised ribosomes during infection? Internal PhD
25th March Worsley 9.58a Alice Lake FMH Colin Johnson Repurposing whole genome siRNA screen data to identify novel regulators of ciliogenesis Internal PhD
25th March Worsley 9.58a Jorge Jimenez Macias FMH Oncogenic Reprogramming of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemic cells Internal PhD
8th April Worsley 8.11A Euan McDonnell FBS Adrian Whitehouse Network correlation of non-coding RNAs; a new gene regulatory network in viral infection’ Internal PhD
8th April Worsley 8.11A Naomi Cox University of Sheffield Towards an Atlas for Early Rice Leaf Development External PhD
25th April Worsley 9.58a David T. Orr FBS Simon Goodman Evolution of lactation strategies in Seals: a comparative analysis Internal PhD
25th April Worsley 9.58a Jess Friedersdorff Aberystwyth University Chris Creevey Hyper Ammonia Producers: What Makes them HAPpy? Finding a fingerprint in this rumen bacterial niche External PhD