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LeedsOmics seminar series 2020-2021



Date Time Venue Host Speaker Affiliation Title
Monday 7th Sep/2020 15:00 Remote (zoom) Laura Dixon Michael Scott University College London Limited haplotype diversity underlies polygenic trait architecture across 70 years of wheat breeding
Monday 5th Oct/2020 15:00 Remote (zoom) Liz Duncan Sebastian Kittelmann Oxford Brookes University Investigating the architecture of a gene regulatory network in different developmental contexts
Monday 2nd Nov/2020 15:00 Remote (zoom) Colin Johnson Sushma Grellscheid University of Bergen/Durham University Transcriptomic Landscape Analysis Across the Mouse Lifespan
Monday 30th Nov/2020 15:00 Remote (zoom) Richard Cubbon Joanna Kalucka  Aarhus University Cellular Heterogeneity and Metabolic Plasticity of Endothelial Cells
Monday 25th Jan/2021 15:00  Remote (zoom) Elton Vasconcelos Matt Berriman Wellcome Sanger Institute Parasite genomics
Monday 22nd Feb/2021 15:00 Remote (zoom) Bernadette Moore Sarah Berry King’s College London The application of multi-omics to advance precision nutrition
Monday 22nd Mar/2021 15:00 Remote (zoom) Julie Aspden Mar Albà Hospital del Mar Research Institute and Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Evolutionary innovation by de novo gene birth

Monday 10th May/2021 15:00 Remote (zoom) Lucy Stead Benjamin Werner Barts Cancer Institute

Evolutionary dynamics of extra-chromosomal DNA

Monday 28th Jun/2021 15:00 Remote (zoom) Grant Lythe Darren Newton University of Leeds

PNH: somatic mutation and T cell repertoires in a rare bone marrow disorder