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LeedsOmics seminar series 2022-2023



Date Time Venue Host Speaker Affiliation Title
Monday 14h Nov/2022 14:00 Worsley 8.34a -Remote (TEAMs) Julie Aspden Matt Bawn University of Leeds The best of all possible worlds: drivers of diversity across scales in bacterial populations
Monday 28th Nov/2022 14:00 Worsley 9.87 - Remote (TEAMs) Julie Aspden Nicola Whiffin University of Oxford 5’ untranslated regions, translational regulation, and rare disease
Monday 27th Mar/2023 14:00 Worsley SR 9.60 - Remote (TEAMs) LeedsOmics / Nanostring  Bryan Serrels Nanostring Multi-Omic, Spatial Profiling at Single-Cell Resolution to Unravel Complex Biology
Monday 24th Apr/2023 14:00 Worsley SR 9.58a - Remote (TEAMs) Bernadette Moore Prakash Ramachandran  University of Edinburgh Dissecting the cellular and molecular composition of the liver fibrotic niche using transcriptomic technologies