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LeedsOmics seminar series 2021-2022



Date Time Venue Host Speaker Affiliation Title
Monday 8th Nov/2021 15:00 Remote (zoom) Niamh Forde Chew Cheng University of Leeds Diabetic heart failure: Insights from transcriptomics analysis
Monday 22nd Nov/2021 15:00 Remote (zoom) Colin Johnson Kathryn Hentges University of Manchester PRPF8 - a mammalian essential gene linking the spliceosome to developmental laterality defects and cilia function
Monday 6th Dec/2021 15:00 Remote (zoom) Julie Aspden Matt Taliaferro University of Colorado (USA) RNA localization mechanisms transcend cell morphology
Monday 28th/Feb/2022 15:00 Remote (zoom) Bernadette Moore Zoe Hall Imperial College
Mapping the fat: Spatial reorganisation of lipid metabolism in fatty liver disease and cancer
Monday 28th/Mar/2022 15:00 Remote (zoom)  Bernadette Moore Prakash Ramachandran University of Edinburgh Cancelled due to speaker illness
Monday 25th/Apr/2022 15:00 Remote (zoom) Colin Johnson Wilfried Haerty Earlham Institute Annotation and characterisation of alternatively spliced transcripts from tissues to single cells in human and mouse