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RiP 2nd series


Schedule (Sep/2019-Jun/2020)

Date Room Speaker Faculty PI Title Internal/External Position
30th September Astbury Room B James Rouse FBS Amanda Bretman/Elizabeth Duncan ChIPing away at behaviour, the rope of the epigenome in controlling behavioural Internal Postdoc
14th October Worsley 8.49n Irene Malo Estepa FMH Niamh Forde Deciphering embryo-maternal communication with omics Internal Postdoc
14th October Worsley 8.49n Luke Dunning University of Sheffield - Comparative grass genomics identifies widespread lateral gene transfer External Postdoc
11th November Garstang 7.52 Emily Baker Oxford - The nuanced evolutionary consequences of duplicated genes External PhD
11th November Garstang 7.52 Amy Stainthorp FBS John Ladbury Grb2 stabilises RISC-loading complex assembly to regulate miRNA biogenesis’ Internal PhD
25th November Garstang 7.52 Marilena Elpidorou FMH/Eng Lucy Stead/Paolo Actis Using nanobiopsy of single brain tumour cells to assess transcriptional reprogramming during standard therapy Internal Postdoc
25th November Garstang 7.52 Robert Crawford University of Manchester - Identifying new regulators of S. cerevisiae protein synthesis during oxidative stress External PhD
9th December Worsley 9.58c Veronica DeJesus FBS Andrew Tuplin The Role of RNA Methylation in Chikungunya Virus Replication Internal PhD
9th December Worsley 9.58c Ollie Manners FBS Adrian Whitehouse RNA modifications go viral Internal PhD
10th February  ST JAMES Alex Bury Newcastle University - Nanobiopsy: a tool for mitochondrial research External PhD
10th February  ST JAMES Katarzyna Szymanska FMH Collin Johnson BioID method to study dynamic processes of ciliogenesis Internal Postdoc
9th March Astbury Meeting Room B (11.106b) Alan Rice University of Bath - Eukaryotic gene expression piggybacking External Postdoc
9th March Astbury Meeting Room B (11.106b) Haidee FMH Niamh Forde Novel embryo-derived proteins elicit a transcriptional response in the endometrium Internal PhD+Tech
20th April Remote Michaela Agapiou FBS Julie Aspden Analysis of in vivo RIP-seq of held out wings, an essential RNA binding protein during spermatogenesis in D. melanogaster Internal PhD
20th April Remote Abigail Byford FMH Karen Forbes Defining the interaction between maternal glucose, circulating miRNAs and placental vascular dysfunction in pregnancies complicated by maternal diabetes (Abigail Byford) Internal PhD
11th May Remote Victoria Carr KCL - Hacking the Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance External PhD
8th June Remote Robert Murphy University of Copenhagen - Microbiome contributions to nest defence in fungus farming termites International PhD
8th June Remote Eleanor Senior Univerisity of Liverpool - An omics approach to Tritrichomonas foetus, a parasite of cows External PhD
29th June Remote Peter Mulhair Oxford - The Darwin Tree of Life project: Genomics and Evolution at Wytham Woods External Postdoc
29th June Remote Euan McDonnell FBS Adrian Whitehouse Pan-Coronavirus Gene Regulatory Networks, an Adventure into Hackathons Internal PhD