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Acknowledging our support

LeedsOmics aims to provide research community with cutting-edge omics data analyses support, which not only adds to, but also improves research outputs and funding bids. Acknowledging LeedsOmics bioinformatics support, formally and/or informally in all instances of technical/scientific assistance, is important in tracking the impact of LeedsOmics and therefore funding of LeedsOmics activities (bioinformaticians, workshops, etc). The type of recognition that is most appropriate will vary dependent upon the contribution provided.

A co-authorship agreement shall be reached in case we have made substantial contributions to your research on the following ways:

  • Major intellectual input (conception, project design, critical input, original ideas)
  • Extensive data analyses and/or interpretation.
  • Significant intellectual contributions to manuscript preparation (including generation of meaningful figures and/or tables)

The following would not typically constitute co-authorship, but should be acknowledged through the template text on the bottom:

  • Bioinformatics training (through either our workshops or coding club sessions)
  • Basic technical support (through brief meetings for pointing out solutions)

"We wish to thank LeedsOmics bioinformatician Dr Elton Vasconcelos for bioinformatics support and training. Part of this work was undertaken on ARC3/ARC4, part of High Performance Computing facilities at the University of Leeds, UK."

Please let us know/see this section in your manuscript draft, so that we can make few adjustments accordingly.