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Omics Data Submission

NCBI-SRA for raw sequencing data (fastq files)

1. Read instructions prior submission at

2. Then go to the actual submision page at  

European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) - an alternative to SRA (fastq files)

1. General instructions at

-> Interactive submission:

-> Command-line submission:

-> Programmatic submission:

NCBI-GEO for processed gene expression data (e.g. NGS, microarray, traditional SAGE, RT-PCR, Nanostring)

-> On its main page ( one can be directed to instructions and actual submission/upload links for each different sort of data

ProteomeXchange for raw and processed proteomics data

-> One can be directed to three different repositories (PRIDE, PASSEL, and MassIVE).

-> PRIDE is the most used repository for regular MS/MS data, which users can interactively deposit their data through a locally installed software PX Submission Tool