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LeedsOmics "Introduction to RNA-Seq Data Analysis" Workshop (2022)



LeedsOmics bioinformatics research officer (Dr Elton Vasconcelos) and Dr Chew Cheng (BHF-ECR @ LICAMM FMH) ran the second “Introduction to RNA-Seq Data Analysis” Workshop in 2022 (30-31/03 and 15-16/06). This two-day training workshop is suitable to anyone who is adopting RNA-Seq strategy in their own research and needs to develop a certain level of confidence on running a full RNA-Seq analysis pipeline on their own, from the quality control of raw reads in the first step up to obtaining the list of differentially expressed genes and visualising results in the very end. Like previous editions, this event was a success, with a great feedback from the audience, who now claim to feel confident on executing standalone tools through the Linux command line and/or within the R environment.

Thanks to all amazing attendees who joined us in those workshop editions, as well as to Euan McDonnell (PhD candidate at FBS) who acts as demonstrator in practical sessions!